Tom Bau: Director (California)

I have been an active Gull Wing Group member since joining the club in 1987, serving many years on the Board, as it's secretary and on the convention committee.  Preserving the legacy of the 300SL and keeping the Club strong are very important.  I would like to continue my support as a member of the Board and work on behalf of every member in our unique group".

Tom Bau


Dick Fleenor: Director (Colorado)

I have been a member of the Gull Wing Group for close to 50 years and have served as a Board member for the past 14 years. My wife, Gail, and I have hosted three conventions, at Vale Colorado,  Sedona Arizona, and  the 2015 convention in Nashville Tennessee. I am a past Club President of the Club, and have served as liaison with the “300 Star Letter”, Vice President, on Board Nominating Committee and on the Distinguished Service Awards Selection Committee.

I purchased my Gull Wing in 1964 and drove it as my only form of transportation for 6 years at which time I started and... more>>

Richard Rose: President (New Jersey)

I retired at the end of 2004 after working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for 35 years. I bought my Roadster in 1980 and joined the club at the same time. My wife Edie and I have attended many of the club’s conventions over the years, and I worked on the Valley Forge, Long Branch, Ogunquit, and Newport conventions. In 2010 Edie and I were co-chairmen of the Saratoga Springs convention.

In the past, I served as the chairman of the 50th Anniversary of the Roadster Committee and co-produced the club’s DVD on the maintenance of our cars. I currently serve as secretary of... more>>

Bob Slayden: Treasurer ( Georgia)

I have been a member of the Gull Wing Group International Club, and an active board member of our organization since October, 1996, with years of service to our club.  It doesn't seem like 18 years but it must be true. I have been the long term "custodian" of a 1954 Gull Wing, #4500047, since September 1972, and a Gull Wing Group International member since 1973. My past board duties have included liaison with the "300 StarLetter" and coordinator of chapter events for the "300 StarLetter," and chair of the web committee in addition to attending almost all board meetings during my tenure. My... more>>

John A. Willot: Vice President (Wyoming)

For the last year and a half I have been treasurer of the GWG. I believe that the Group is moving forward with a very good website and active talk group. Ann and I have attended the last ten years of conventions and strongly recommend that all members try to attend the GWG conventions. They are a lot of fun and the personal relationships are long lasting.


Dean Johnson: Director (California)

I have owned a Gullwing since 1971 and I joined the Gull Wing Group the same year. I currently serve on the Board of Directors and the Technical Committee. My background is a PhD in mechanical engineering and a career of building precision gyroscopes and guidance systems at Honeywell and Systron Donner.

During my school years, I received great training by skilled mechanics at my Dad’s truck dealership and I do all of the work on my Gull Wing. I was drawn to the Gull Wing after developing a great respect for the design of the 300 SL and the remarkable Mercedes-Benz team that built it... more>>

Steve Marx: Director (California)

It has been a pleasure to work with the people of this club.

I have been a Gull Wing Group member since 1982. I served on the board as Parts Sales Director for 16 years. I am currently on the Board of Directors.

My positions currently are Tech Committee, Scarce Parts, Nominating Committee, and Convention Committee. I have held various Southern California Chapter positions including president for 6 terms.

I have enjoyed serving on the board of such a great club.


Bob Sirna: Director (Michigan)

I have been a Gull Wing Group member since 1984 and a board member for18 years. I am a past president and I have chaired  four conventions.

My vision for the club is to promote the interaction of club members, the understanding of the engineering and maintenance of the 300 SL, and the safe enjoyment of our wonderful cars.


Gary Estep: Director (California)

Gary Estep: Chico, California. 

  In 1958, I had just graduated from college and saw my first 300SL Roadster.  I thought "This is the most impressive and beautiful automobile I have ever seen!"  I was just starting a career in public education that wound up lasting 38 years, and the thought that I would ever own such a piece of machinery was far from my mind.  But in 1972 a local friend who had one decided he had thrashed it about long enough (It had a blown head gasket and multiple serious oil leaks) and decided it was time let it go.  I cut a deal with him and was ready to tackle... more>>

Patti Paulson: Secretary (California)

My name is Patti Paulson, I joined the Gull Wing Group in 1999 when we got our Gull Wing. I wasn't sure if I would like being part of a car club, but I have enjoyed my involvement over the years. Since 1998 (when my husband joined the club), I have helped him host an annual picnic at our home for the Northern California Chapter of the GWG. Almost every year since I joined, I have helped with registration at the GWG convention and, in 2008, I helped host the convention in Sonoma, California. I joined the GWG Convention Committee last year and have attended many board meetings over the years... more>>

Amir Almagor: Director (Israel)

I’m an Attorney at law - a senior partner at Weissglas - Almagor Attorneys in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I’m a longtime avid collector and restorer of post-war European and American Classic cars and – in recent years – a frequent participant in 1000 mile rallies like the Mille Miglia and the Colorado Grand. I was also in practice the curator of the Classic cars exhibition, which took place in the Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art – “Sculptures On Wheels.” I’m a longtime member of many classic  car clubs around the globe such as the Cadillac & Lassalle Club (life member), The Rolls-Royce... more>>

Gail Sirna: Director (Michigan)

My husband Bob and I became 300 SL owners in 1983, and immediately became active members of the GWG. I have attended all but 2 conventions since 1985, and have co-chaired 4 of them (Dearborn, MI in ’89, Santa Fe, NM in ’94, Jackson, WY in ’03, and Saratoga, NY in ’07).  Bob and I have taken numerous trips around North America, usually in my Roadster, which I find more comfortable -- and a lot more fun with the top down (unless it rains). I believe we have driven in all 50 states, and 8 Canadian provinces.  I love to travel and we both love these cars.

I have also attended most of... more>>

Ronald Swartz: Director (Louisiana)

I am honored to be on the Gull Wing Group Board of Directors. I have been a member of the club since 2003 when I attended the convention in Jackson, Wy, with the purpose of learning all I could about the 300sl before purchasing one. The plan worked, and three months laterI bought “Luscious,” as my wife Ellen dubbed her, a '57 roadster.

It has been a wonderful adventure since, starting with a drive to the Newport convention 2004 with a friend who was mesmerized by his visit with John Fitch, and most recently hosting, with Ellen, the club convention in New Orleans, our hometown.  In... more>>