Individuals who have an interest in the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gull Wing, 300 SL Roadster or the Mercedes SLS are invited to join with over six hundred other enthusiasts world-wide who share that interest. You do not need to have a car to join. The Gull Wing Group is the largest community of 300SL enthusiasts around the world. Members are involved in all aspects of 300 SLs including vintage racing, driving events, social gatherings, technical help, and 300SL history.

A membership-wide forum on the Gull Wing Group website connects the world-wide membership on a daily basis through internet and the Gull Wing Talk Forum. Discussions range from social events, technical help, car history, and locating hard-to-find 300 SL parts and items.

The Gull Wing Group website is a one-stop resource for 300 SL information. On its new website, the Gull Wing Group publishes a wide range of technical information about the 300 SL gathered over the years including maintenance tips, historical information, and authenticity information. The site provides event schedules and information, news, and links to related websites. A store for members on the site makes available parts and supplies division dedicated to helping members obtain a wide variety of parts and information necessary to keep your 300 SLs on the road and looking sharp.

The Gull Wing Group publishes an award-winning newsletter ( ten times a year) with technical articles, news of social and driving events across the country, chapter activities, and member-contributed articles about 300SLs, SLSs and their owners. The monthly newsletter is an award-winning, full color, full-size format publication of 20 to 30 pages including pictures assembled and printed by a professional publishing company.

Each year the Gull Wing Group holds an international convention in North America. Different convention sites are chosen each year and it brings members together to share their knowledge and includes a variety of sightseeing, technical and driving opportunities for the attendees. The 2011 convention at the Homestead in Virginia celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Gull Wing Group. The 2012 convention was celebrated in Palm Springs, CA at the La Quinta Resort. The 2013 convention was celebrated in New Orleans at the Hilton Hotel. The 2014 convention was celebrated at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta Canada. The 2015 convention was celebrated in Nashville TN at the historic Union Station Hotel. The 2016 convention was celebrated at the Sun Valley Lodge in Sun Valley, ID. The 2017 convention was celebrated at the Marriott Park Ridge Hotel in Montvale, NJ. The 2018 convention was celebrated in Pasadena, Ca at the Langham Huntington. The 2019 convention was celebrated in Fontana, WI on beautiful Lake Geneva. The 2021 Convention will be celebrated at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO.

The Gull Wing Group also sponsors regional chapters that have their own technical, social and driving events on a regular basis.

The Gullwing Group provides ample opportunity for 300 SL and SLS owners and enthusiasts to get together for social and driving events, meet others with similar interests, share an extensive pool of 300SL knowledge, and have fun! Membership benefits include access to the Club Store, Technical Tips and the Talk Group Forum.

Gull Wing Group Membership Options

Regular Member: is defined as a person who owns one or more Mercedes-Benz 300 SL automobile (s), manufactured prior to 1964, or who has an enthusiastic interest in pre-1964 300 SLs. A Regular Member shall possess the right to one vote, is eligible to serve on the board of directors or become an officer, and has the right to inspect corporate records.
  • North American Member: 1 Year - $120, 2 Year - $235, and 3 Year - $350
  • International Memeber: 1 Year - $140, 2 Year - $275, and 3 Year - $410

  • Legacy Member: is defined as a person who is the child, spouse, sibling or other close relative of a Regular Member or a Family Member. The Regular or Family Member sponsors the Legacy Member and pays the initial dues. After that, either the Regular/Family Member or the Legacy Member may pay the annual dues. A Legacy Member does not have a voting right, cannot become a director or officer of the Corporation and cannot inspect corporate records.
  • Legacy Member: 1 Year - $60, 2 Year - $115, and 3 Year - $170

  • Family Member: is defined as a couple, whether or not owning a 300 SL, together possessing the right to one vote. One member at a time is eligible to serve on the board of directors or to become an officer, and either family member has the right to inspect corporate records. The Family Member shall receive one newsletter, and the total dues shall be the same as for one Regular Member. Convention registration shall be as a couple, not as two separate members.

    Honorary Member: is defined as a person who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, has performed services for the Corporation warranting their appointment, by the Board of Directors, as an Honorary Member. An Honorary Member shall not have a voting right, shall not be able to become a director or officer of the Corporation and shall not have the right to inspect corporate records.