Forum-Add Pictures

The picture icon will load a picture into your text in the text editor where the cursor is currently located.

The picture must be permanently copied onto the website server and then made part of the text editor document.  The next steps, and they are simpler than it sounds, are:

Look for the picture on the server first

Look for the picture on your computer next

Upload the picture from your computer to the server

Select the picture on the server and insert it in the text editor.


This looks harder than it is!  A step by step follows:

-Click the picture Icon on the toolbar and the following “Image Properties” dialog box will appear:

Look for the picture on the server:

Click the blue button labeled “Browse Server” and the following “Server Browser” window will appear that will allow you to look for the picture on the server first.  If you have loaded the picture before, it will appear in this directory on the server under “file name”

Upload the picture to the server:

If the picture is not on the server, then click on the “Upload” button with the green arrow.  The following upload dialog box will appear:

Click on the “Browse” button and the following dialog box will appear:

This dialog box is the standard Windows dialog box to browse the directories on your computer.

Browse to the location of your picture file and click on the file name.  It will appear in the file name box and a preview will appear on the right:

Click on the “Open” button at the lower right and you will return to the previous dialogue box for the upload with your file name loaded in the filename box:

Click on the “Upload” button and wait while the file uploads to the website server.

The upload dialog box will remain and a preview of your picture will appear below it.

Close the small upload dialog box with UPLOAD button by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

The view below shows your directory on the server and the pictures that you have uploaded.  The file you just uploaded to the server is highlighted in the directory.

Insert the picture in the text editor:

Now click the “Insert File” button on the top row next to the green checkmark.

The “Image Properties” dialog box will appear with a preview of the file to be inserted along with some options:

The main thing is to set the width and height to reasonable sizes for viewing.  Fortunately, the picture will by default maintain its aspect ratio so only the width needs to be adjusted and the height will be adjusted automatically.  Highlight the “800” in the box and replace it with “400” which is a good fit for the pages.  The preview will change:

Click “OK” at the bottom right of the dialog box and the Image properties box will close and take you back to your comment text editor with the picture inserted at the cursor.  The cursor will be located at the bottom right of the picture.  Hit enter to move the cursor down and to the left side of the picture and begin typing again.


When you are all done with your text and pictures, go to the bottom of the editor and click “save”

The message and pictures in the text editor will be posted on the website in the thread/conversation.