President: John Willott (Wyoming)

In 1966, I convinced my dad to buy an eleven-year old Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing. It has been a faithful member of our family ever since. It has been driven to most conventions and has never left us on the side of the road.

During the last three years since elected President of your club we have focused on adding new activities. In 2018 we have launched the 300 SL Classic drive that runs each fall and started an annual GWG Tour to Europe in March. We worked with Mercedes-Benz to get all GWG members that own 300 SLs invited in to the exclusive Mercedes-Benz Circle of Excellence.... more>>

Vice President: Keith Owen (Texas)

I retired in 1999 after working in the oil and gas industry for 20 plus years. This allowed me the opportunity to pursue my classic car passion. I bought my Gull Wing in 2007 and had joined the GWG as an associate member prior to that time.

I have organized two GWG tours to Germany and the UK, have managed the group buy process for the GWG Club Store’s stainless steel water pipe project and have written several articles for the 300 Star Letter. I also serve on the Board of Directors of the 300SL Foundation.

As an avid car and automobilia collector, I, joined by my wife,... more>>

Treasurer: Peter Starr (Florida)

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve the Board as a Director and Officer of the Club. After retiring in 2004 after 35 years spent owning and operating various new car dealerships, including Toyota, Chrysler/Plymouth, Nissan, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Pontiac, and BMW my being the Club Treasurer allows me to continue to utilize and contribute many of the skills I've learned throughout my career.

I've been collecting and restoring special interest cars since 1976 and had wanted a 300SL Gullwing ever since seeing my first one in Boston in 1966, vowing at the time to someday own one... more>>

Secretary: Gail Sirna (Michigan)


My husband Bob and I became 300 SL owners in 1983, and immediately became active members of the GWG. I have attended all but 2 conventions since 1985, and have co-chaired 4 of them (Dearborn, MI in ’89, Santa Fe, NM in ’94, Jackson, WY in ’03, Saratoga, NY in ’07 and Lave Geneva in '19). Bob and I have taken numerous trips around North America, usually in my Roadster, which I find more comfortable— and a lot more fun with the top down (unless it rains). I believe we have driven in all 50 states, and 8 Canadian provinces. I love to travel and we both love these cars. I have also... more>>

Director: Amir Almagor (Israel)

I’m an Attorney at law - a senior partner at Weissglas – Almagor Attorneys in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I’m a longtime avid collector and restorer of post-war European and American Classic cars and a participant in 1000-mile rallies like the Mille Miglia, the Colorado Grand and the Holy Land 1000 Tour. I was also in practice curator of the classic cars exhibition, which took place in the Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art – “Sculptures On Wheels.” I’m a longtime member of many classic cars clubs around the globe such as the Cadillac & LaSalle Club (life member), The Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club... more>>

Director: Hal Neumann (British Columbia)

Growing up in northwestern Canada, I was very fortunate to spend the summer of ‘64 in Vancouver. Being a car nut from a young age, I saw a 300 SL Roadster for the first time and knew I had to have one at some point. It became a difficult challenge for a variety of reasons, but one I never lost sight of. Maureen and I joined the GWG in 2006 as associate members and were immediately impressed with the friendliness of the members and the amazing wealth of knowledge displayed when we attended a convention. In 2012 we finally acquired our ‘61 Roadster, which came with a box of old StarLetters.... more>>

Director: Paul Devers

I am a Mercedes-Benz & Audi dealer in Sylvania, Ohio. The store is called Vin Devers Autohaus. My father Vin started the family business in 1956 and I have been working here basically my whole life. My hobbies are collecting and restoring Mercedes vehicles. I also enjoy helping fellow collectors get parts and assist in repairing their classics. I alsoenjoy attending and judging in concours around the country. I own a 1957 300 SL Roadster that my wife and I drove in the 300 SL Classic last year.

We had one of the best adventures together on that trip, especially meeting other... more>>

Director: Craig McLaughlin (Washington)

I’ve spent my entire life in and around cars. My Dad was a Ford/Mercury/Jeep/Eagle dealer when I was growing up, and I did all of the dealer son jobs like running parts, dealer trades, lot boy, service advisor, and many years later, bought into the dealership and ran it for several years.

I collect 1950’s open two seater cars and that passion led me, obviously and inevitably, to the ultimate 50’s open two seater, our 1957 300 SL Roadster which we purchased in 2011. Following its restoration, we drove it on the open road for the very first time in Sun Valley and truly enjoyed the... more>>

Director: David Dukehart

I have been a car guy for as long as I can remember. I love to take a car and make it better, whether through maintenance or preparation for a show. I learned my way around a wrench when I operated my own repair shop back in the mid-‘70s working on British, Italian and eventually German marques. I even became the Alfa Romeo lead mechanic at Marin Grand Prix in San Rafael, CA. in the 80s.

Currently, I am a wealth advisor.

My car club experience came through the Porsche Club where I was the president of our local chapter with over 1,100 members. I co-chaired two Chesapeake... more>>

Director and Business Office: Gary Estep (California)

 In 1958, I had just graduated from college and saw my first 300SL Roadster.  I thought "This is the most impressive and beautiful automobile I have ever seen!"  I was just starting a career in public education that wound up lasting 38 years, and the thought that I would ever own such a piece of machinery was far from my mind.  But in 1972 a local friend who had one decided he had thrashed it about long enough (It had a blown head gasket and multiple serious oil leaks) and decided it was time let it go.  I cut a deal with him and was ready to tackle getting it back into decent shape, both... more>>

Director and Parts Sales: Robert Webster (Arizona)

Hello, my name is Robert Webster and I consider myself a Mercedes Benz enthusiast. My enthusiasm for the brand was developed over time. I began my career as a metal fabricator and machinist, though early on, I found myself wrenching on old German cars with Bill Richardson, learning the ins and outs of the 300SL and Porsche 356. I quickly noticed that the engineering was on a different level than the hero cars that I had grown up with. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to branch out on my own and continue to work on the cars that I enjoy so very much. I have been a Gull Wing... more>>

Director Andrew Opicka

I have been honored to be a member of Gullwing Group for   over six years and have become more active in recent years by providing additional resources for the website committee.  I am happy to share my knowledge of information technology and computer science along with mechanical repair and refinement with the Gullwing Group.   I look forward to continuing my support and membership of the Gullwing Group and our stewardship of these beautiful automotive works of art.


Director Michael Branning

I've been fascinated by German cars since an early age and bought a Porsche 356B in 1992 in my late twenties. I never imagined I could own a 300SL, but after retiring from a Tech career in 2019 it became reality. I joined the GWG and with the help of Ted Bready, I purchased a 1957 Roadster which Kelly and I took to the 2019 300SL classic. I’ve made some good friends already and am looking forward to helping the club flourish.