Store-Add Product

This action requires store administrator or general administrator permissions.

Items required:  picture of the new product, price, and description

1.       Log into the site as store or general administrator.

2.       Click on the wrench icon in the upper left hand corner of the website to expose the admin menu.

3.       Near the top choices on the menu, select  and click on “Create content” and the menu will appear as in the picture below.


4.       Click on the item “Product” about two thirds of the way down the menu.  The Product submenu will appear as shown in the picture below.


The main part of the website window will change to “Create Product” window with all the dialogue boxes to enter information about the new product as shown in the picture below.



5.       The first step is to fill in the “Name” dialogue box with the name of the new product.  This name should be fairly short so it displays ok on the website page.

6.       The second step is to fill in the description of the product in the box marked Description.  Include a  description of the product and the 300SL model application – Gull Wing, Roadster, or both.


Scrol l down past the end of the description box and the screen will look like the picture below.


7.       Select the proper category from the “Catalog” box.  The product will appear with the selected group of parts.

8.       Upload the image of the product.  In the “Image” box, click on “Browse” to search for the picture file on your computer.  Make sure the file is small enough as described in the dialogue box.   Upload the image onto the web server following the upload directions.


Scroll down the page to see the product information box as shown in the picture below.


9.       Fill in the GWG SKU for the product in the first dialogue box.

10.   Fill in the “Sell Price:” dialogue box on the right end of the price boxes.

11.   “Product and its derivatives are shippable” should be checked.

12.   Weight and dimensions are not used since GWG calculates shipping costs based on the value of the shipment.  No entries are required.

13.   Package quantity should be at 1 which is the default

14.   Set the “default quantity to add to the cart” when a customer clicks “add to the cart.”   This is normally “1” but a product sold on in pairs might be “2”, etc.

15.   Set the list position to the default “0”

Scroll down further on the window to the shipping rates as shown in the picture below.

16.   Leave this fields blank since the default shipping is calculated elsewhere based on shipment value

Scroll down the window to the last part of the entry form as shown below.


17.   The only action required here is to click “Save” which will create and save the page.

No further action should be required.  The new product should appear with its group of products in the store.


Dean Johnson

July 27, 2012