Store-Edit Product

This action requires store administrator or general administrator permissions.

1.       Use the menus and navigate to the product to be edited as shown in the picture below. 


2.       Click on the tab “Edit” to edit the product and the product page will appear for editing as shown below:


3.       Edit the name and description as desired.

Scroll down the window to the area below the description box as shown in the picture below:


4.       The part can be moved from one group of parts to another by selecting the desired category in the “Catalog” list box.

5.       The Image text can be edited in the “Image” box as desired.

6.       The image can be changed by clicking “Remove” and then following the dialog box instructions to upload the new image to the server.


Scroll further down the window for further editing:


7.       Edit the SKU number and “Sell price” as desired.

The weight and dimension information is not used to calculate shipping costs.  The shipping is calculated by order value at the end of the order.

Package quantity should be “1”

The “Default quantity to add to cart” is the quantity added by the customer when they click “add to cart” and have not edited the quantity

List position should be “0”.

Scroll further down the page and it will look like the following picture:


8.       The shipping type should be set to “store default”

9.       The rest of the shipping entries should be blank.  The shipping is calculated by value of the order and not by weight.  It is done in the shopping cart.


Scroll down and the window should look like the last picture below:


10.   The last thing to do is click “Save” to save all the changes that were made to the product page.

Note: if you decide not to change the page, just navigate away from the page without clicking “Save” and the changes will be abandoned.  Click on any menu, go anywhere else on the site, or click the back arrow on your browser to abandon the changes.

Dean Johnson

July 27, 2012