Store-Refund Order

·         Log in as store or general administrator

·         Open the admin menu by clicking on the wrench in the upper left corner of the website window.

·         Click on “Administer”

·         Click on “Store administration”

·         Click on “View orders” which will appear as the picture below:

·         Find the order to refund and click the “view” icon under actions.

The order detail will appear with several tabs.  Click on the “Payment” tab and the following view will appear:

The key to the refund process is the “Authorization and capture ID” in the comments column.  The card processor,, uses this code to locate the transaction and offer a refund if the transaction is less than 90 days old.

·         Highlight or write down the Authorization and capture ID which is shown highlighted in the picture above.

·         Log in to

·         Click on “Search” and the search shown below will appear:


Scroll down the page to reach the search by Transaction option and paste in the transaction number from the order comment on the GWG site as shown in the picture below:


·         Click on “Search” and the transaction detail will appear as shown in the picture below:

·         Click on the Transaction ID that is underlined as a link.  The detail page for the transaction will appear as shown below:


·          To perform the refund, click on the “Refund” button on the transaction detail page.  A new window will open, check the data, and click “OK.”  The refund will be completed.

Note:  The refund transaction goes through the same process as a purchase transaction and make take a couple of days to complete.  The transaction is presented to the card issuing bank and that bank approves the transaction and completes it and then notifies that the transaction is complete.   A summary of refunds can be seen in the reports section.


·         Log out of

·         Return to the order status page on the GWG website and return to the “view” tab for the order to be refunded and cancelled.  The page will appear as the picture below:


·          Open the “Add an admin comment” box and write in comments that the order was cancelled and the credit card was refunded on the date.

·         At the bottom, select “Canceled” in the Order Status box

·         Click “Update” at the bottom of the page to record the Cancelled order.

·         Navigate back to “view orders” and select “canceled” in the “view by status” dialog box.

As shown in the picture below, the order (#43) will now be listed in the “cancelled” orders.