Store-review reports

The store has a series of reports that show status of orders, history of orders, etc.

These reports are accessible with store administrator or general administrator permission.

1.       Log into the site as store or general administrator.

2.       Click on the wrench icon in the upper left hand corner of the website to expose the admin menu.

3.       Near the top choices on the menu, select  and click on “Administer” and the menu will appear as in the picture below.



4.       Click on “Store administration” and the window should look like the picture below:


5.       To view a summary of all the orders and their status, click on “Orders” and then “View orders” on the following screen and the order report shown in the picture below will be available:

Note that the “Orders” submenu also has the capability to create a manual order if necessary.

6.       View all customers that have placed orders:  Go back one menu level (use the back arrow button or click on “administer” again on the admin menu and then click on “customers” on the store admin menu and the following report will display:

This view lists all the customers that have purchased from the store.  The icons on the left will “drill down” into the information and the orders placed by the customers can be viewed individually.


The “products” selection under the store admin menu will show all the products offered at the store as shown in the picture below:


A sales summary report is also available from the store admin menu by selecting the menu item “Reports.”  The report tabs include annual sales summary and average sales summary as shown in the picture below: