I’ve spent my entire life in and around cars. My Dad was a Ford/Mercury/Jeep/Eagle dealer when I was growing up, and I did all of the dealer son jobs like running parts, dealer trades, lot boy, service advisor, and many years later, bought into the dealership and ran it for several years.

I collect 1950’s open two seater cars and that passion led me, obviously and inevitably, to the ultimate 50’s open two seater, our 1957 300 SL Roadster which we purchased in 2011. Following its restoration, we drove it on the open road for the very first time in Sun Valley and truly enjoyed the years ahead of its time engineering and driveability.

At one time, I belonged to 18 car clubs (!!!) all associated with cars I owned or were interested in. We joined the Gull Wing Group shortly after purchasing our Roadster and, after attending our first convention in New Orleans, my wife, Dannie, and I knew we had found our favorite car club of all time. What great people!

I’ve been the President of the Ferrari Owners Club (“FOC”) in San Diego and of the British Car Club Council (an amalgamation of all British car clubs in San Diego) as well. I’ve organized car shows, road rallies, overnight events, private and public collection visits, and my pride and joy event was organizing a Day With Phil Hill event for the FOC which, to this day, was the most attended FOC San Diego event ever. I was fortunate enough to have Phil Hill and his wife, Alma, as overnight guests in my home. That was an evening I’ll never forget!

I bring my passion for 50’s cars, car events, and car people gatherings to the GWG Board.